Our Practice

Dr. Richard J. Stuart wants to see the people of Indianapolis smile. At our practice, we believe that dentistry is more than a science: it’s an art form. We enhance the dental health and function of our patients, as well as their cosmetic appearance. Often, the two go hand in hand.

We want your dental care to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Dental Excellency

We set intentionally high standards for our practice. Whether it pertains to cleanliness or technological advancements, we strive to stay on top. The equipment we use is sanitary and current. We use digital x-rays, a CEREC machine, and CariVu™. Our tools are always at the forefront of the latest advancements in dental care. CariVu, for example, is a device that uses transillumination to detect decay in its earliest form. We also provide oral cancer screenings with ViziLite® Plus and remove cavities without drilling via air abrasion techniques.

Dedication to Improvement

Because we’ve set such high standards in care, it’s imperative that we stay up to date on techniques. Dr. Stuart and staff make a point to attend educational lectures and conventions. We are dedicated to improving our techniques any way we can. Our practice stays updated with the latest equipment.

 Open and Informational

Patient education is important to us as well because maintaining a healthy smile happens every day at home. We give our patients as much information as needed, so they feel prepared to make good choices about their oral health.

Clean and Safe

We prioritize the safety of our patients. Our practice follows strict sterilization and cross contamination guidelines as recommended by leading healthcare review boards.  Our office is kept sanitary and as comfortable as possible.

Patient Experience

When you come in to see us, we want your visit to be as pleasant as possible. Our office is a warm and friendly environment, and our staff is attentive and considerate. We choose the least intrusive procedures whenever possible and provide unlimited patient education to alleviate uncertainty.

If you’re interested in visiting us or have questions about our services, contact our Indianapolis office. Dr. Stuart and the team look forward to hearing from you!

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