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Zoom!® Rapid Teeth Whitening – Richard J. Stuart, DDS – Indianapolis, IN

A beautiful smile inspires confidence and can make a great first impression. However, sometimes our smiles need a boost to be brighter. Our Indianapolis dentist offers professional and quick teeth whitening with Zoom! to our Indianapolis patients. Our dental team is experienced in delivering whitening treatment to comprehensively improve the look of your smile. If you’re interested in receiving teeth whitening, consider our Indianapolis practice. We are committed to our patients’ smiles and offering individualized treatments to improve aesthetics. 

Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

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Teeth accumulate stains over time, as a result of daily habits or simply due to aging. Some behaviors that affect teeth brightness include smoking and consuming dark colored beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine. Teeth whitening targets these surface level stains and eliminates them, restoring whiteness to your teeth. This procedure is not invasive, and is an easy way to make the smile brighter. For important life events, such as weddings, or for a more attractive smile altogether, Zoom! teeth whitening is a trusted option.

Additional reasons to receive professional teeth whitening include: 

When Having Braces Removed
To Color-match the Smile with Veneers
Long-lasting Whitening Results

Quality Whitening with Zoom! 

This tailored tooth whitening treatment is combined with an activation light to enhance the process. Patients receive custom trays, which are used to administer the whitening gel. The light is then shone on the smile, breaking up stains and oxidizing the enamel for a more brilliant white color. With Dr. Stuart’s help, patients can enjoy the full benefits of Zoom!. He will ensure the whole smile is whitened evenly, and to the shade that best matches your complexion. Patients can trust the Zoom! treatment, which is safe and proven, although some may experience minor sensitivity to heat. 

Rapid Results and Convenient Treatment

Zoom! is a powerful treatment, whitening teeth up to eight shades within an hour.  Offered as a chairside service at our practice, patients can conveniently receive care and return to their daily activities with a beautiful smile. For those who want Zoom! quality from the comfort of their home, our practice also provides a take-home variant of this proven treatment. We include both the gel and custom trays, and walk patients through the proper steps to whiten their teeth at home. We strive to accommodate the whitening needs of all our patients, and offer constant support when patients need assistance. 

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