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Restoring the smile requires precise care, high quality materials, and modern technology. Dr. Richard Stuart provides comprehensive dental restorations using CEREC®, an in-office machine that fashions porcelain restorations for individual smiles. This machine makes crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, and the digital scanner that accompanies the machine can be used for other procedures as well. With CEREC®, patients have an opportunity to receive convenient restoration placement without ever leaving the office. Our our Indianapolis dental practice offers CEREC® restorations to patients from the Carmel and Indianapolis areas.  

How CEREC® Works 

After taking a digital scan of a patient’s mouth and analyzing the tooth in need of treatment, the image is processed and used to make a restoration. The digital impression is then further customized by Dr. Stuart, matched to the shade of teeth and the proper size. The design will be perfected and then carved from a block of dental porcelain. Depending on the number of restorations and the type, it is possible to have the mouth prepared for the restoration and have it placed. CEREC® can make a single restoration within a 45-minute period, resulting in convenient treatment. 

The CEREC® Standard 

Restorations made by CEREC® are tailored to each patient’s specific dental needs. Restoration shape, shade and size are customized per tooth and ensure a uniform smile. Dental porcelain, the material used for restorations, mimics the appearance of natural teeth and has comparable strength. Designed to last, these restorations are not used for temporary treatment, but to aid patients in achieving a healthy smile for their lifetime. Here is a list of restoration options from Dr. Stuart:

Dental implant restorations
Single tooth crowns
Inlays and Onlays

CEREC® Implant Restorations

Dental implants need lasting restorations that will perfectly match a patient’s smile. With CEREC®, your dental restoration can be prepared quickly and precisely, without the need for cumbersome impressions or waiting longer for a lab to fashion the implant. Dr. Stuart has received extra training in placing dental implants and their accompanying restorations. CEREC® allows him to provide efficient care to patients with missing teeth. 

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