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Dr. Richard J. Stuart is a comprehensive Indianapolis dentist who strives to provide the best in restorative and cosmetic dental solutions. Using advanced technology and procedures mixed with tried-and-true methods, our patients receive complete dental care. From dental implants to full-mouth reconstruction or sleep apnea appliances, patients can expect the quality care they deserve with long-lasting dental solutions. 

Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Stuart utilizes cutting-edge technology that includes air abrasion and laser dentistry procedures in an effort to maximize comfort with minimally invasive dental procedures. Taking a conservative approach to dental treatment plans, Dr. Stuart will create treatment plans utilizing the least intrusive procedures.

Urgent Care Dentistry

For emergency appointments, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We provide emergency dental appointments for patients who have experienced dental trauma and will provide home care tips for those experiencing dental pain to improve comfort until your urgent care appointment time.

Located east of the Keystone Pkwy, our Indianapolis dental office is a convenient drive from Carmel, IN. Our office is located on E 98th St between Lakewood Dr. W and Lakewood Dr. E.

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