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Oral Cancer Screening in Indianapolis - Dr. Richard J. Stuart

At the practice of Dr. Richard Stuart, patients receive thorough oral cancer screenings during our examinations. We strive to protect patients from unnoticed symptoms of oral cancer, which may only show as a lesion or small growth in the dentition. Although frightening, oral cancer can be treated effectively, especially if discovered early on. Routine dental visits can prevent oral diseases such as oral cancer, as well as provide treatments if diseases are found. With care from our Indianapolis dentist, oral cancer can be caught before serious health issues develop.

Why We Provide Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is often undiagnosed before it spreads to other areas of the body, such as the tongue, tonsils, pharynx, and gums, resulting in serious health problems. Unless a dentist is using specialized tools, it may be difficult to see lesions or signs of growth in oral tissues. Early symptoms can be uniquely difficult to catch, for they are often painless and look similar to common sores. Since it’s so easily missed, Dr. Stuart emphasizes detailed oral cancer screenings, using proven technology to help individuals keep their smile healthy for a lifetime.

Patients at Risk

The risk of developing oral cancer is dependent on many factors, genetics and behavior being two prominent ones. Certain behaviors, such as tobacco use, can increase the risk significantly; it is estimated 80 percent of oral cancer patients are those who use tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco, although advertised as a healthier option, actually increases risk for oral cancer, while smoking tobacco can affect both the mouth and lungs. They affect different areas of the mouth, and can also contribute to periodontal disease and exacerbate tooth decay.

Another behavioral factor contributing to oral cancer is alcohol consumption. Drinking more than two pints or glasses a day reduces our bodies’ ability to combat oral infections. When combined with tobacco use, alcohol consumption multiplies the risk factor by many times.

The common thread for these issues is the consumption of products which reduce saliva production, dry out the dentition, and encourage gum inflammation. Oral cancer risks increase when oral health is not maintained, so at risk individuals should consider minimizing the above habits for a healthier smile.

Screenings with ViziLite®

Dr. Stuart has incorporated ViziLite® Plus to better examine the oral cavity for cancer. This twofold treatment enables our practice to spot abnormal cancer tissues before they develop into dangerous tumors, or spread throughout the body. Patients will rinse their mouths with a biocompatible solution, which will reveal cancerous tissues when a light is shone on the gums and teeth. Even in hard to see areas, this oral cancer screening technique can help you avoid serious health issues.

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Our dentistry provides a range of dental treatment options to help patients achieve positive oral health. Oral cancer screenings are just on part of our comprehensive treatment process designed to keep smiles healthy and beautiful. Call our practice, which serves Carmel and nearby areas, today.  

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